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All presented materials can be freely downloaded and started using now together with your child.
This interactive magazine is designed to introduce children of senior preschool age to artificial intelligence. We invite you to travel around Russia with our heroes!
Find out with your children how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, various sectors of the economy and modern professions.
Dive with your child into the world of artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. You will be able to look at AI technologies and the opportunities they open from a new perspective - as a businessman.
The lesson will help you learn how artificial intelligence helps person increase productivity and reduce routine so that there is more time for interesting tasks. Your child will be able to try himself in the role of a real data scientist and create a smart assistant for the teacher!
Digital educational program is an educational project that will help improve digital literacy and learn more about online cyber security.

Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
The Academy of Artificial Intelligence for Schoolchildren is not an educational service subject to licensing and does not imply the issuance of a state certificate
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