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Last competitions
Here you can see how the Academy competitions took place, what challenges the participants had to face and what results they achieved.
During the existence of the Academy of Artificial Intelligence for schoolchildren, our competitions have taken a strong position in the world of AI.
We are happy to see the winners in the country's leading companies; the tasks help them develop the applied skills necessary for this field, and defending their solutions in front of practicing data scientists allows them to immediately make themselves known in the professional and business community.
This academic year, participants in the “Artificial Intelligence” profile of the NTI Club Movement Olympiad, implemented in partnership with the AI Academy for schoolchildren, had to deal with natural language processing (NLP) and immerse themselves in the creation of AGI-based question-and-answer systems. Similar systems are used to automate call centers and customer support services, in chat bots and search engines.
On March 4–6, 2020, the final of the first Olympiad in artificial intelligence was held in Khoroshkol - a joint direction of the Olympiad of the NTI Club Movement and the AI Academy for schoolchildren.
In 2019, there were more participants, the geography was wider, and the tasks were more complex: participants had to determine the player’s experience based on match data. Photos, results of the winners, conditions of the tasks - everything is here.
The first competition of the AI Academy for schoolchildren. First victories. First steps in Data science.
Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
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