Become a mentor
Mentors are specialists from the field of AI who are ready to share their experience and help talented students achieve their goals.
Become a mentor
What does mentoring give?
Social contribution
The opportunity to be a mentor and pass on your experience to beginners
Personal brand development
Strengthening your personal brand through participation in AI Academy events and positive mentions in the media
Working with a mentor allows you to develop communication skills, self-presentation, structuring information and discover new sides of yourself
Become a mentor
How can I benefit?
We have collected frequently encountered requests that are of interest to teenagers for working together with a mentor:
Professional development
CV writing, consultation on career path/practice, interview preparation
Personal development
Tools for self-development, assistance in formulating goals and objectives
Development in science, academic activities
Writing scientific articles, entering a university, receiving reviews and consultations
Creation and development of your project
Supporting initiatives, consulting on project development, selection and interaction with the team
You definitely have something to share!
You can choose several topics, and also suggest your own that are interesting to you and where you will be useful to the mentee.
Become a mentor
How do you work with a mentee?
The work of a mentor and mentee consists of the following stages:
We form a pair of mentor and mentee based on your request, your experience and interests, and share contacts with the pair members for communication
At the first meeting, the mentor and mentee choose a convenient meeting schedule that suits everyone
The mentee contacts the mentor and arranges a first meeting, where you will get acquainted, discuss the request, work format and schedule of future meetings
5. Summing up the results of cooperation between mentor and mentee
What does a mentor do?
Holds regular meetings
Set aside a convenient time for regular meetings with mentees: at least once every two months.
Shares professional experience
Analyzes cases and experiences. Advises on issues that arise and gives constructive feedback.
Provides content recommendations
Recommends practices, techniques and educational content that will allow the mentee to achieve their goal.
More detailed information in our mentor guide
How to become a mentor?
To become a mentor, apply with a story about your experience working in the field of AI. This way we can select a really strong mentor-mentee pairing.
Become a mentor
Reviews from mentors
Vladimir Vasiliev
Head of Data Research at Sberbank
For me, this is a volunteer, but enjoyable activity. Here I can transfer my knowledge in creating IT/AI products that, I hope, will help the guys. I love being able to switch away from my day job to see what a wonderful generation is growing up and appreciate how quickly they will catch up and surpass us in everything related to technology. What is now considered innovation is already a part of life for children, with which they grew up. Therefore, I have high hopes for the new generation and I am sure that an interesting future awaits us.
Is this paid?
No. The AI Academy is a charity project aimed at increasing opportunities for the development of schoolchildren and the realization of their talents. Participation in the project as a mentor is your social contribution to the future of the project participants and the AI field, since many of the mentors have already decided to develop in it.
Who will I work with?
Only those AI Academy participants who have already demonstrated a high level of skills and/or motivation to develop in the field of AI can receive mentoring support. Many of them are finalists of specialized competitions or graduates of educational programs of the Academy of AI, are already developing their projects or want to take the first steps towards a corporate or academic career.
What will I get?
We guarantee cool merch and a letter of gratitude; we are ready to invite you to events and become the hero of media publications as experts for upgrading your personal brand. But we believe that you will get much more: an increased sense of significance and relevance, full awareness of your experience and knowledge, a flow of fresh air from new ideas and opinions, and perhaps motivated “hands” to join your team.
Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
The Academy of Artificial Intelligence for Schoolchildren is not an educational service subject to licensing and does not imply the issuance of a state certificate
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