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The main goal of the Academy of Artificial Intelligence for schoolchildren is to provide every student with the opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge and develop in the field of AI. To this end, Academy experts are constantly working on new educational materials and their adaptation for implementation in the school curriculum.
This interactive magazine is designed to introduce children of senior preschool age to artificial intelligence. We invite you to travel around Russia with our heroes!
The lesson demonstrates how artificial intelligence is changing our lives and various sectors of the economy right now, as well as what professions will be relevant in the near future.
The lesson will demonstrate to schoolchildren in grades 1–11 how familiar sectors of the economy - medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, transport, construction - are changing under the influence of artificial intelligence.
As part of a series of lessons, schoolchildren will be able to get acquainted with the areas of application of artificial intelligence, expand their understanding of machine learning or get acquainted with this concept for the first time, and also find out which specialists work in this field.
A module for computer science lessons that will help middle school students master data analysis skills and work in MS Excel.
In this lesson, we propose to get acquainted with the most basic concepts of artificial intelligence and Russia’s achievements in this area.
The lesson will help you learn how artificial intelligence helps a person increase productivity and reduce routine so that there is more time for interesting tasks. Students will try themselves in the role of real data scientists and will be able to create a smart assistant for the teacher.
As part of the project, short videos were created that will improve the level of digital and financial literacy, talk about cybersecurity, rules of behavior on the Internet and the basic principles of safe use of the Internet. A package of teaching materials for conducting classes has been developed for the videos.
The lesson will introduce students to different areas of artificial intelligence, their applications and the opportunities in entrepreneurship that the development of technology opens up.
This event will help tell schoolchildren what AI technologies can do now and what opportunities they open up, learn more about life in the Far East, and also invite them to come up with how new technologies can improve the lives of residents of the region and help solve current problems.
The lesson will introduce students to artificial intelligence technology, the history of its appearance and use in everyday life.
The series consists of 7 educational lessons that will tell you how machine learning technologies are used in various areas of human activity: from art and science to games and sports.
An educational lesson through which students will go through all the stages of creating artificial intelligence algorithms using the example of a self-driving car and learn more about the profession of Data Scientist.
Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
The Academy of Artificial Intelligence for Schoolchildren is not an educational service subject to licensing and does not imply the issuance of a state certificate
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