The сollaborative discipline by AI-Academy for teens and NTI Contest «Artificial Intelligence» is a great opportunity to dive into the world of machine learning.

Solve the case provided by Sber’s data scientists

Win valuable prizes and preferences for universities

Start to build career during an internship

What to expect?

Start your adventure
03.09.2020 – 19.11.2020
Level 1
01.10.2020 – 20.11.2020
Show the knowledge of mathematics and computer science in the first round
Dont`t miss webinars
with Sber`s data scientists
and learn more about the case
Level 2
16.11.2020 – 10.01.2021
Solve a natural language processing (NLP) case and go into the final
March, 2021. Final.
Prove that you are the best in the final challenge, visit Moscow and have a great time during the competition: TED with experienced data scientists, an exhibition of Sber Labs, game zones and much more.

Winners get

Privileged access to the leading universities
Money prize from 150 to 500 thousands rubles and new gadgets
Invitation to summer school of the Physicotechnical Lyceum
Invitation for an internship in DataScience to the Sber ecosystem


Register for the competition, even you’ve just started your ML journey. We will support you :)

The first thing to do is filling knowledge gaps in data preparation and basic machine learning algorithms. Join our machine learning course. You can go through materials at your own: start from the beginning and learn programming in Python or go strait to ML topics.

We also organize webinars with case authors to look through baseline solution and answer all questions.

Yes. The following participants automatically go to the second stage of the competition:

The previous finalists of the Contest and AI-Academy hackathons

Winners and awardees of All-Russian Contest for schoolchildren on the subject of mathematics and/or computer science and Academic Contest on the subject of mathematics and/or computer science(Level 1, 2)

Winners of Academic Contest for schoolchildren (Level 3) on the subject of mathematics and/or computer science

Winners and awardees of the «Meta-Challenge» competition

Winners of the project «Lessons of Today» organised by SberBank and Educational Сenter «Sirius»

Winners of the AI-Academy competition at Khoroshool

If you fit into any category and want to use the advantage, contact us via e-mail or in  our community VK.

Subject-related problems in mathematics and computer science at the first stage and three attempts to solve them. List of those who passed to the next stage will be announced in a week after this round.

Second step is a developing of machine learning model. This year, participants will dive into the world of natural language processing (NLP) and build a system that answers meaningful text questions. Solutions will be uploaded to the competition platform which will generate an automatic rating. Best 100 are invited to the final round in Moscow.

Finalists participate in person-to-person subject tours (mathematics and computer science), develop ML model in team of 2 people and take part in other interesting things

The organizers pay for the road and the hotel.

The contest is included in the list of Academic Contests for the 2020-2021 academic year by the Russian Council for academic contests for schoolchildren (Level 3). This means that winning the contest in discipline «Artificial intelligence» gives you preferences for entering universities. All universities independently decide which benefits winners receive — contact the admissions committee to learn more.

Organizers and partners

General partner Organizers Case author
General partner
Investment to the future
Olympiad by NTI
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