Become a mentee
Opportunity to receive support from an experienced AI specialist in achieving your goals
Become a mentee
What a mentor can help with
Professional Development
CV writing, consultation on career path/practice, interview preparation
Personal development
Tools for self-development, assistance in formulating goals and objectives
Mentor assistance in writing scientific articles
Menti receives mentor help in writing scientific articles and recommendations for universities
Creation and development of your project
Supporting initiatives, consulting on project development, selection and interaction with the team
How does working with a mentor work?
The work of a mentor and mentee consists of the following stages:
Filing an application
We form a “mentor-mentee” pair based on the request, mentor’s experience and interests, and send contact information to the pair’s participants
The mentee contacts the mentor and arranges a first meeting, where you will get acquainted, discuss the request, work format and schedule of future meetings
What does a mentor do?
Holds regular meetings
Set aside a convenient time for regular meetings with mentees: at least once every two months.
Shares professional experience
Analyzes cases and experiences. Advises on issues that arise and gives constructive feedback.
Provides content recommendations
Recommends practices, techniques and educational content that will allow the mentee to achieve their goal.
Submit your application
Fill out the form and describe your wishes for working with a mentor in as much detail as possible. This is important so that the AI Academy manager can choose the right mentor for you.
Become a mentee
More detailed information about working with a mentor in our guide for mentees
Reviews from mentee
Ivan Mironov
Udmurtia, Russia
The first meeting was extremely interesting and useful. My mentor talked about working in IT, studying at a university and competitions. I took note of some of them and finally decided that I wanted to enter university with participation in the Olympiad. Just recently, for a machine learning course, I made a motivational video and sent it to my mentor for review. She helped edit some points, for which I am very grateful.
Alexander Boldyrev
Ekaterinburg, Russia
I immediately really liked the idea of mentoring: it’s cool when you can communicate with a person who has experience in this field. I had my first call, discussed a lot of things, received feedback, recommendations: what to read, where to study. I'm glad to communicate with such a person. Now I’m not initiating the next call yet, simply because I have nothing to ask, the general picture of the actions is clear to me. If I have questions about the courses, I also write to the mentor in messenger. No more is needed for now.
It's free?
Yes, like everything within the AI Academy projects.
Who can get a mentor?
Any Artificial Intelligence Ambassador
Why do I need a mentor?
A mentor is an AI specialist who can help you achieve your goals: help you prepare for your job search; suggest optimal technical solutions for your project; tell how scientific articles are written; understand which areas for development are promising and may be interesting, and much, much more. If you don’t have a clear understanding of where you need help, then it’s better to hold off on the mentor program for now and return to it when you can answer this question yourself.
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