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The section contains tasks from all competitions of the Academy of Artificial Intelligence for schoolchildren.

All tasks were designed in such a way that you could hone your skills in solving typical problems in the AI field.

In this task, a new challenge awaits you - common sense. Problems of constructing algorithms that take into account common sense are now of particular interest to the Russian and international scientific community, since without their successful solution it is impossible to create developed intelligent systems and strong artificial intelligence.

The task of creating question-answering systems, which is the Russian-language analogue of the classic machine reading task - the Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD).

Humans have taught machines to read, but can they understand what they read? You have to prove that machines are capable of not only reading text and understanding what is happening there, but also correctly answering questions that require building cause-and-effect relationships.
Create a recommendation system for Sberbank clients!
Your task is to predict, based on information about the expenses of a bank client, which age group he falls into.

Let's complicate the task! Now the player’s experience will need to be determined by his bodymetry - a new layer of data containing information about the player’s behavior during the match.

Dota 2 experts claim that they can easily distinguish a match between a beginner and an experienced player. But can machine learning distinguish an experienced player? We invite you to find out.

In the task of the online stage, it was necessary to predict the victory of one of the teams, now this must be done at the moment the match was arbitrarily stopped. To solve the problem, information about everything that happened before the stop will be available, including the state of all the heroes.
Determine which team will win the Dota 2 game when the match starts. The prediction should be based on the data provided by the players, such as: the amount of gold, experience, number of killed creeps and other indicators.
Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
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