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Open your child to the world of artificial intelligence and new opportunities for development. And materials and courses from AI Academy experts will help with this.
Simply about difficult
We will explain what artificial intelligence is and how to open this field for a child
Materials for education
We provide all the necessary materials for classes with children
Career prospects
We will tell you what opportunities are open to a child for admission and career development
Information for parents
AI overview course in simple words
We will talk about artificial intelligence so that children learn all the necessary information.
Materials for lessons with your children
We will provide materials developed by experts from the Academy of Artificial Intelligence. All you need to do is download them and start working with your child right away.
History of success
Mikhail Kuznetsov
Winner of NTO Olympiad, MEPhI student
Mikhail will tell you how, while studying at school, he got an internship at Sberbank, what helped him become the first and how his internship went. Sberbank specialists will tell you what qualities a future intern should have and how to stay employed after the internship.
Alexander Mamaev
1st AI Academy Hackathon winner
How to become a sought-after specialist in the field of AI at the age of 19 and get a job in the best IT companies in Russia.
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