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Meet up
2023 AI-Academy Meet up
November 24-26
online, Telegram
for persons, who is interesting in machine learning and AI

Join the new artificial intelligence meet up from the AI Academy!

In 5 lectures, you will learn from scratch how to apply AI in your projects and training, focusing on the practical use of modern neural networks without complex code.

All lectures are intended for those who are just taking their first steps in the world of AI and want to learn more without diving into complex code.


Mikhail Fomenko
Winner of 3 hackatons and 3 Olympiads. Student of the faculty of Applied Math and Informatics.


1st lection: Introduction to the world of big data and machine learning

2nd lection: Machine learning without complex code

3rd lection: Natural Language Processing

4th lection: Computer vision and pattern recognition

5th lection: How to use machine learning in education

Why should you participate?
You will be able to understand the basic principles of AI and machine learning from zero
You will learn from practical examples how AI is used in the modern world
Learn tools to create models without complex programming
You will receive support from an AI Academy expert throughout the meet up
Who can join to meet up?
Everyone who is interesting in AI and machine learning and want to know more about it.
May I join in if I don’t know anything about machine learning?
Yes! On meet up you will be able to completely master all the basic tools and programs from zero, also, all lectures are specially adapted for beginners and presented in a popular scientific format.
But if I know something and have some skills, would it interesting for me?
The lectures will explore different areas of AI and machine learning, and you will learn something new or ask questions to improve your knowledge.
I’m a teacher, not a schoolchild, may I join in?
Sure! This is a great opportunity to learn more about AI and the potential of AI in education.
Where and how will the meet up take place?
The meet up will be held online for 3 days. After registration, you will receive a link to a closed Telegram channel, where all the news, broadcasts, materials and discussion of the meet up will be.
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