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Virtual Hero: a game algorithms developing marathon
October 3-5
for persons, who is interesting in machine learning and computer games

Take part in the machine learning marathon from the AI Academy for schoolchildren and create your own gaming bot from scratch.

In 3 days of the marathon, you’ll create your own machine learning algorithm for playing Pac-Man with good quality and results that are ahead of humans.

You will receive a ready-made project for your portfolio in creating a neural network using reinforcement learning based on the module for working with the OpenAI Gymnasium environment.

Why should you participate?
You will be able to understand the basic principles of machine learning and game algorithm developing.
Install all the necessary tools for working with algorithms and machine learning.
You will learn how to optimize and tune AI algorithms to achieve gaming results above human levels.
You will receive support from an AI Academy expert throughout the meet up.
You will also receive detailed guidelines for each day of the marathon and recommendations on how you can develop further.
Who can join to marathon?
Anyone who loves computer games and wants to learn how to create their own AI algorithms for the GameDev sector.
May I take part if I know nothing at all about machine learning and gaming algorithms?
Yes! At the marathon, you will be able to completely master all the basic tools and programs from scratch, and you will even be able to create your own full-fledged algorithm for playing Pac-Man.
But if I know something and have some skills, would it interesting for me?
Each lesson is built on the principle of increasing complexity and deepening into the material. The first day may seem easy to you, but in the next days you can find something new for yourself. Also, an Academy expert will talk about how basic algorithms can be complicated and refined.
I’m a teacher, not a schoolchild, may I join in?
Sure! This is a great opportunity to learn more about gaming AI-algorithms and see ideas for education.
Where and how will the meet up take place?
The meet up will be held online for 3 days. After registration, you will receive a link to a closed Telegram channel, where all the news, broadcasts, materials and discussion of the meet up will be.
Project organizer: Charitable Foundation “Investment to the Future”, OGRN 1157700017518
The Academy of Artificial Intelligence for Schoolchildren is not an educational service subject to licensing and does not imply the issuance of a state certificate
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